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Only An Expert Interior Designer In Phoenix Valley Has The Skill Set To Offer Credible Room Planning & Staging Services!

Interior Designers ServicesHello we are Tom and Dori Doukas Owners of Pleasures of the Home. We do business in the Greater Phoenix Valley, offering a great selection of high end window shutters and treatments, as well as full interior design services. Dori has a background in interior design going back more than twenty years. She started out as a designer for a high end furniture company outside of Philadelphia, Pa, and stayed there for thirteen years. She then went to work for the Home Depot, as an interior designer, she then became manager of the flooring and décor departments as well as the kitchen and bath and appliance department. During the eighteen years spent at The Home Depot she has obtained a vast amount of knowledge to help you, as a home owner with any project.

When it comes to making my home unique, the only thing that comes to mind, is the theme and the set up should come out as an extraordinary place in which the home owner can be proud of, and enjoy living in.

Room Planning Services – A Sneak Peak at How These Work

The designer is going to carry out an assessment of the project and would then use the facts found in the initial consultation to create an estimate for the project, be it a single room or several.

This will include color choices, furniture arrangement of existing or new pieces, flooring, lightning, and window treatments.

The prime reason why services of a professional room planning and staging service is important is that you are getting an expert who uses quality furnishings and accessories that will make your home ready to sell at a higher price and in a shorter period of time.

Why is it so important to opt in for professional Room planning and Staging services?

Struggling to find an answer as to who should decorate your house? Choose our company who is dedicated to making your home unique.

Whether your goal is to, redesign a single room or an entire house, or to sell your existing home through staging we are the company that can fulfill your needs.

Choosing a Interior designer in Phoenix Valley

If you have been looking forward to build a new house or remodel the existing one, obtaining services of an Interior designer in Phoenix Valley becomes a must. An expert designer is going to work on all possible aspects to give you the kind of house you have been longing for, the areas of services include:

  • Planning
  • Staging
  • Renovation
  • Decoration

Whether the goal is to rebuild a single room or entire house, an interior designer who helps create a harmonious space is important. You should choose a company that is dedicated to making your home unique.